Ingredients: 7 garlic cloves, minced 1 tbsp gochujang 1 cup kimchi 2.5 cups water Veggies of choice (I used cabbage and riced cauliflower) Directions: Add minced garlic, kimchi, and 1 cup of water in a pot on medium heat. Once simmering, add the gochujang, and make sure the paste is thoroughly dissolved. Add your veggiesContinue reading “4-INGREDIENT KIMCHI JJIGAE”

Vegan Tofu Kimchi-jjigae

I love fall weather, but unfortunately, that also means it is flu season. Lately, I’ve been feeling feverish and having body pain, and with my store-bought kimchi almost reaching its expiration date, I was inspired to make my version of kimchi-jjigae or kimchi stew! (Side Note: This recipe is a modified vegan version from maangchi.com!)Continue reading “Vegan Tofu Kimchi-jjigae”

Chicken Adobo and Kimchi Grilled Burritos with Guacamole

I visited my friend Sam yesterday, and I was telling him how I haven’t posted a savory recipe on this blog yet. I have a lot on my Instagram, but ever since I moved back home after graduating, I usually eat entrĂ©es that my parents cook. Inspired by Sam’s and my ethnicity, I decided to combineContinue reading “Chicken Adobo and Kimchi Grilled Burritos with Guacamole”

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